Both cables and brace rods can be used as structural supports for trees that may be at risk of breaking or being severely damaged. These tree cables usually consist of high-strength steel and are attached to bolts located along the crown of the tree. The aim is to control the movement of the supported branches so they don’t fall during a storm.

Braces are usually made from thread rod that has been installed through sections of weak branches and multiple stems to provide firmer support from twisting that can happen in harsh weather conditions — conditions not uncommon to Vancouver. A Better Choice LLC’s team can appropriately brace and cable your trees to ensure their safety and long-term health.

Professional Tree Cabling Services In Vancouver, WA

Of course, structural support should only be installed after a professional inspection and evaluation of the tree from our professionals. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about this process, as well as what is required to protect your property’s trees. With more than 25 years of caring for Vancouver trees, we know a thing or two about landscaping, tree cabling, and tree care. Let us show you what sets our crew apart from the rest. We look forward to working with you.